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About Us

How long have you been interested in guns? 


Like most red-blooded American boys growing up in the south, I loved things that went boom. My dad taught me, and my brothers, how to hunt, which included respecting nature and guns. He knew, as boys, we would have an interest in guns, and he wanted to teach us the correct way to handle them. My dad was an excellent marksman and I remember wanting to, one day, be as good as he was. I never made it to his level of marksmanship, but I did develop a love for guns. 


Why did you start Beal Brokerage?


Over the last 25 years, I have collected guns that interested me and have tried to educate myself on the different aspects of the firearms business. I never thought I would start my own venture, but the more people would ask me to help them, the more it made sense to bring the two things I enjoy most together… play with guns and help people. 


What is your goal for Beal Brokerage?

My goal is to help others with their interaction with the firearms industry.


If you need to sell a gun, I want to help. You may have a gun you do not use any more and want to turn it into cash.  Perhaps you received a firearm as an inheritance and you don’t know what it’s worth or how to go about selling it, I will provide an honest assessment at no charge.


If someone needs help finding the right gun, I want to help. Different people have different needs. Some will want a firearm for home defense while others may want something they can carry with them at all times. Some will want something to hunt with while others may want something to shoot in competition.  Spouses may be looking for just the right gift for a celebration, anniversary, or birthday.  I can make the process easy and help find the perfect fit for you. 


What parts of the business do you enjoy? 

I love the challenge of finding unique firearms for my customers.  Some of my favorites have been when I was asked if I could find a purple gun or the time someone called looking for a WWII era gun. It has been fun to search for the items and help people get what they want. If you are looking for a unique firearm from a specific time period or in a special color, I would love to help you!

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