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Can we help you sell your gun?


First, we need to determine what we think your firearm is worth. Once we have inspected your gun, we will check the market to identify similar firearms and what they are selling for.


Once we agree on the value of your firearm, we can determine the best market to advertise the product. Some guns will sell quickly to local buyers while others may need to be auctioned on one of the many online auction platforms we use.  Each platform has different costs and benefits. Once we determine the best platform, we will clarify what fees you can expect. For example, we have very low consignment fees if we are able to sell the gun locally.  If we determine an online auction is the best approach, the posting fees, final selling fees, etc. will be covered by the final selling price.  Once all posting and selling fees are covered, we only charge 10% of what you are paid.   


It’s really simple, if we sell the gun and you receive $500, our consignment fee is only $50 and you receive $450, which is typically more than you will get from any gun shop for a trade-in.  

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